My Way of Finding; Books are Fun (1)


As a sentient kid whose curiousity was hard to handle, everything I learnt in the past was mostly from experiences of doing and less from readings. Books were abomination since it only reminded of school. My hometown where I had been grown up for the past 18 years does not provide good bookstores where we can possibly pass aisle sightseeing which books are impeccably good to take home, except one and it’s limited. We went to bookstores–where it actually seemed more likely depository–only to find school books or any books teachers asked us to have. Other than that, we never did!

I started reading books at the age of 14 when puberty drove into romantic stories, melodrama, and quaint life problematic. There were several local authors I fell in love with whom wrote good stories such Helvy Tiana Rosa, Asma Nadia, and Kang Abik. I remembered those of days when their books were not hard to find in the hand of a bunch of school girls. The ugly truth was, books and novels were girlish at those days. Boys used to do physical activities rather than mental, and everybody agreed. Twas odd for me.

Since internet was not popular yet at that time, books suggestions I got were from friends, fliers, and magazines. Books were passed hand to hand, we borrowed from a friend and lended it to another friend. Sometimes, we did not know who owned the books we read! It just changed over within the school. Amazingly, once you lend a book to a friend, never expect it to come back! It rolls over and I never mind. I hope people gain benefit from my books they read. I tended to read every books and finished it, whether I like it or not I was always done with it. We had to finish it in hurry because somebody was already in the waiting list. It was such a happy moment of my life when being critical was no need and I see books as an excitement where regular activities started to bore me.

The jubilance of books was not over yet. I went to boarding school at the age of 16 and met several mates who happened to like books too. Unfortunately, we had only very few mates in one batch. However, the good part was we had reading camp every end of the semester. A–two weeks escaping town and reading books! It is only our school who does and still happening. Since then, I build my habit of reading more books and target two till four books in a month. I started to gain benefit and learn more than any friends of the same age. My critical thinking began when I entered university, where everything should be put into critics. We read, gathered more readings, find evidence and supported arguments, antithesis, sythensis, and steps–I don’t even know the names.

Right now, I have goodreads account to track down what books I read and how I rated them. It helps me in finding right soulmates.. No, JK. It helps archive and to see how far I have gone and what affects me. In terms of growing up, books will give you something in return–of your wasting time reading them. Try to see the world now and find a topic that interests you. Read about it from books, journals, researches. By the time you finish and sum up your readings, you will begin to see the world differently. It is the same thing like you travel and live with indigenous. We started to see ‘a thing’ after walking on their shoes. And books, also offer you this! Even cheaper than travelling.

I had opportunity to travel yet and I am hooked! Since travelling needs more money than books, I spend more on books nowdays. I have started to collect anything about places I wanted to visit besides my other topics. One day when I visited those, I (hope) am all prepared. I don’t know where this writing leads me.. All I wanted to say is books will give you a lot more in period short of a time. It consumes less time than taking class, experiencing world without being ‘there’, expanding your vision, build up your character, give you more vocabularies, smart words and how to use them. What else? enlighting minds, that’s the point. To love books is hard at first if you don’t like reading. I went from an enviroment of where books are a weird stuff to have but now l can’t live without books. It’s fun and I like it.


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